11 Tips on Hiring a Rails Developer

As you all know that, Rails is a framework that is designed for web applications development and web pages development. When it comes to hiring a rails developer for your company, do not blindly hire someone. Rather, follow the below-mentioned tips while you are about to hire a rails developer.



  1. Do Research

There are people that simply hire a rails developer from the recruitment agencies or from other websites. I do not think that it is a good option to go with. Rather, you have to do some research from your side and try to find out where you can get experienced and professional rails developers. Rather hiring the developers from other sites, you can publish an advertisement that you would like to hire a rails developer. Post your advertisement in ad posting sites and hire the right person.

  1. Don’t Depend On Your Friends

Do not accept the recommendations from your friends or other people when it comes to hiring a rails developer. There are many miserable rails developers on the market. Do not hire them and put your work under trouble.

  1. Do Not Hire the Person that does not know Rails

At times in a hurry, we happen to hire the person that does not know anything about rails. It is needless to say that, hiring someone that does not familiar working with rails is of no use. The person you hire should know everything about rails. Most importantly, she or he must know how to create and arrange the codes or projects in rails. It would be better if she or he has some prior experience in creating applications in rails. Hire the one that can understand the merits and demerits of employing the rails framework.

  1. Hire the Person That Knows Open Source Contributions

Hiring a rails developer that has some idea about open source contributions is very important. The rails developer that you hire should know how to fix errors on rails projects, release a rails plugins and reveals disclosure to the rails codes. Overall, he or she should be an expert in working with the platform and handle the things wisely and accurately.

  1. Private Rails Blog

Hire the rails developer that has the personal rails blog to stay in connection with the other rails developers. As a rails developer, he must know about the most recent and latest updates about rails technology. Added to that, a rails developer should know about the top-most rails blogs and what is there in it and who are all contributing to the blogs. A person regularly contributes to the rails blog or read updates from the rails blog is the one that has a passion for rails. If you hire them, he or she will be ready to contribute to your projects.

  1. Do Not Look for the University Degree

I have come across many recruiters that always look for the university degree or other certifications when it comes to hiring someone for something. As far as hiring rails developers are concerned, a university degree is not just the case. A person who is well-versed in rails might not have the degree that you look for. There are people who simply rejects the skilled developers just because of they do not possess a degree. A degree would not contribute to your project, rather a developer will. So, hire the person that knows head to heel about rails, no matter, either he has a degree or not.

  1. Should be An Active Contributor

There are rails developers that come across millions of doubts at the back of their mind when it comes to making alterations or adjustments in the project. Keep in mind that, you do not need the time-consuming or frightful rails developers. Rather, the rails developer you hire should be commanding and dynamic. He should be ready to contribute at any time. It would be better, if he has some knowledge about Java script, Photoshop, database indices and Illustrator.

  1. Do not go with Brand-name superstars

The more we go with superstar developers the more we have to compromise. It is just a needless one. It is your project and you are hiring the developers, then why should you put yourselves in their shoes. The superstar developers will actually demand high pay, expect a lot of things from you or your company and they do not compromise anything at all. Added to that, you cannot expect the fullest commitment from them. You may come across many ego clashes and other useless arguments from time to time. Because of these things, you may feel down and your work will never be completed on time. So, always hire the reliable and dependable rails developers.

  1. Hire Continuously

You can hire the rails developer whenever you need their assistance. So, you can hire continuously rather hiring depending on the same rails developer. There are many rails developer out there and you can hire the one that you find reliable.

  1. Spread Awareness

You can contribute something from your side as well. That is, unveil a rails blog and keep updating or posting the useful information on that blog. By the way, you can be an active contributor towards the rails community. It is not a bad idea to spread the vital and crucial things and details about rails.

  1. Give Some Allowances

It is a known fact that, everybody enjoys free offers and special compensations. So, while hiring the rails developers, you can grant them some special offers to grab their attentions towards you. There are many rails developers on the market, but we cannot say that, all of them can meet your requirements. Only a few can meet your demands. And not all the few would like to work for you. It is your duty to push the developers to work for you. Providing attractive offers is one method to push them. But announce the offers what you can afford them.

If you follow these tips, you can obviously get a rails developers that suit your demands and requirements dearly well.

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