13 Things You Need to Know About Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is the simplest and easiest framework. The ruby is the general purpose programming language just like C language, Java and more. Rails is a model-view- controller framework that provides default structure for a web service, a database and web pages. It is really a gifted platform for the web developers. If you are new to this platform, then you must some things about ruby on rails. Now, we are going to discuss 13 things about ruby on rails. Read on and know what those 13 things are.



  1. What is Rails?

Rails is a just a superb controller framework that lets us develop websites, web applications and web pages. It is a user-friendly framework to work on. Rails was the first framework that is solely designed for Ruby. This framework allows one to write simple and easy ruby application and use it on a website. Rails is something that is created for ruby and works for ruby. One can write the easy coding using this framework.

  1. What is Ruby on Rails?

The ruby programming language is well known for its accurate and orderly syntax. The syntax would not demand any additional punctuation at all. For creating data fields, ruby requires only less code structures and syntax while comparing to Java. Added to that, ruby is an efficient, simplified and updated language to work on. One can work on ruby language with all ease. The designers do not need any additional coding language to work on ruby. Rather, they can work with all the comfort and soothe.

  1. Is Rails Good for Beginners?

The answer to the question is yes. As I said earlier in this content that, rails is a simplified framework and does not demand lines and lines of coding. Rather, the rails allow one to create easy and flexible coding. Added to that, this is just an easy language to learn. So, obviously, the beginners will feel quite comfortable learning or working on rails. The time that you spend on pulling your hairs out for writing long coding will be reduced.

  1. What is the difference between a Rails developer and a Ruby programmer?

Understand the fact that, rails is a framework that works on a programming language called ruby. Here, the answer cannot be explained in a binary term. Rather, the answer is that, the applications are programmed in ruby, a developer would not use rails for that.

  1. Do I need prior knowledge to work on Ruby?

It actually depends on the individuals that intend to learn ruby. Normally, ruby is a rather comfortable language and technically it would not demand any prior experience or knowledge. On the other hand, knowing something about the language that you are going to learn is not a bad idea tough. So, it is you who has to decide about getting a prior experience.

  1. Does Rails has the stuff that I look for?

Rails will definitely stay beyond your expectations. It is a simple and graceful framework to work on. Rails is just designed to comfort the coders and developers. The coders can write easy and simple coding. Even for big web applications, the coding will be simple. Already, many companies are using this rails application for faster website development. Overall, it is an awesome framework and provides you what you want.

  1. What Kind of Applications I can make with Rails?

You can create any kind of web application with rails. Right from basecamp to hulu, you can create any kind of web application with rails as this framework is actually designed to make web applications in a short span of time.

  1. Can I develop mobile application in rails?

The answer to this question is no. You cannot build any kind of mobile application using rails platform. Rather, you can create a web application using rails that perform as the backend for a mobile application. But using the tool called Ruby Motion, you can create android and iOS mobile applications. Simply, rails can support mobile application but you cannot design a mobile app using rails. Instead, you can create a mobile application using ruby.

  1. What are the job opportunities of rails?

These days, many companies will look for a person that knows rails. Since, rails is becoming an important skill to possess as far as a web developer is concerned. As I said that, many companies are using rails framework. So, you can get tons of job opportunities with the high pay scale.

  1. Why Should I give a chance to Ruby on Rails?

Everyone including you would love to create easy coding for building a website or web application – right? If your answer is yes, then you should give a chance to ruby on rails. Since, ruby on rails is an excellent framework to work on. And this framework has many ready-made tools and plugins to just insert in your website. Developing a web page in this language will take only a few days. In order to enjoy the comfort, you have to give a chance to ruby on rails for sure.

  1. Java Script or Ruby on Rails – which is best

Again, Java script is something that requires tons of coding to create a single web application, whereas ruby on rails only demands few lines of coding. Putting ourselves in the updated technology is a wise choice always. If that is the case, you have to learn Ruby on rails instead wasting your time in learning Java.

  1. What is the Duration of the Course?

You need to spare ten thousand hours to learn ruby on rails. You can finish up the course even sooner if you can pick up ruby on rails easily. The personal attention and interest play a vital role in learning something very quickly.

  1. How to Start with?

If you know HTML and CSS, you can start with the blueprint of ruby on rails. Otherwise, you have to first learn HTML and CSS and then put yourselves into ruby on rails. Having experience in writing coding in HTML and CSS will assist you to learn the ruby on rails sooner.



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