September 9, 2016

About US


CodeApogee is one of the fastest developing enterprises with specialization in devising efficient Ruby on Rails solutions for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and large organizations. We offer end-to-end services related to Ruby on Rails development to businesses across the world – right from consulting, process review and architecture to building, management, and extension. We are pioneers in devising world-class and innovative web apps and supporting the Ruby on Rails community.

If you are an organization, looking forward to quickly and iteratively devise rich web apps to make a quick market entry, Ruby on Rails (RoR) is the perfect solution. Created in the year 2003, this open source web framework has been extensively adopted by ardent developers from across the globe. Our team has a vast experience in developing a wide variety of Ruby applications with the most experienced and talented Ruby on Rails developers in the world.

With a blend of cloud compatibility, system prowess, and ingenuous expertise, we endeavour to maximize our client profits from their investment in IT. We have built several websites using this contemporary way of web application development. What we follow here at CodeApogee is agile software development techniques like Scrum and Extreme Programming. We have a fervent passion to contribute to open source projects and this passion is what has been helping us to be the best in what we do.

We are industry experts who make use of Ruby on Rails and implement it from the nascent phases for training, development, deployment, and contributing back to the community. Our team has been delivering our customers a delightful experience with a blend of reliable technical proficiency and consummate customer support.

We offer support to our customers with techniques, tools, and pioneering ways for solving mission-critical business issues. A diverse blend of group, our RoR professionals is united by the passion for this open source framework and a yearning to develop digital masterworks. By following a collaborative and delivery-based approach towards all the projects, we bring intuitive designs, outstanding content and exquisite visuals and transform ideas into successful results.

Our experienced team of RoR experts has proficiency in all the Ruby on Rails associated technologies.

  • Servers-oriented technologies – Sinatra frameworks, Rails 2.3.12 and Rails 3.1
  • Open Source Relational Databases (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and database management systems – NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
  • Sidekiq and Resque background workers
  • Node.js and EventMachine evented libraries
  • CSS3 / HTML5
  • CoffeeScript, SASS and HAML Front End Interfaces
  • Bootstrap and Responsive interfaces
  • jQuery and Prototype
  • SipML5, WebRTC
  • Websockets and Backbone.js

We are experts with great experience in Ruby on Rails tools like Scite editors, Heroku, Rake, Merb, Cucumber, Bundler, Ultaedit, RadRails, SVN Client Tortoise SVN, Git, RSpec, Capistrano Deployment, and many more tools for accelerating Rails development.

The advantages of using a development technology like Ruby on Rails includes rapid development, lower costs, great support from the open source communities, and abundant plugins and gems. If you want to benefit from these advantages, get in touch with us today to quickly build a rich web app using Ruby on Rails.