Reasons Why You Should Learn Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a web developing framework. Ruby is a programming language that was structured by Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto. Rails is a software library created by David Hansson which works for Ruby. The framework Ruby on Rails can be compatible with CSS, HTML and Javascript. As you all know that, these three elements remains very crucial for web developing or web page creation or designing web services.

This framework is stuffed with creative haves and productive specifications, so one can work on this platform with all the comfort and ease. This full-stack framework has been piled up with the command line interface operating system and front-end and as well as back-end design. A healthy competition is going on between PHP and Ruby on Rails. Now, it seems that, PHP is losing its significance and value while comparing to Ruby on Rails.

Let us now discuss the reasons why one should learn Ruby on Rails.

Tooling Options

The framework has been packed with fantastic and stunning tooling options to choose from. These tooling options will assist you to cater what you needed. Further, you can deliver more features in a quick time. Ruby on Rails defines a stand and stable structure for the web applications. Having or working on a platform that contains a good set of IDE’s is great and extraordinary. No matter, what the developer is thinking to do, but it can be done with the assistance of these tooling options. The best part is that, these tools are free and open source. So, one can use any of these tools with absolute soothe.

Exceptional Haves

When a new platform or language has been launched on the market, everyone will check about the haves of that language without fail. Since, it is of no use in learning or aiming to learn something that does not contain any expected and user-friendly haves. In this stance, Ruby on Rails stays beyond your anticipation as it is crammed with superb and reliable features. It is just enough to implement the haves on your project rather writing coding for every single thing. All you have to do is to explore the haves, find the one for you and just place it on your project. Creating coding as well hangs simple. Besides creating coding, you can edit, reuse, experiment and delete the coding as of your choice and wants.

Well Documented Framework

Comparing to other open source or web programming languages, this Ruby on Rails is completely well-structured and well-configured. Additional to the plugins, tools and features, you could find a number of resources such as efficient, high quality and fun to go behind video tutorials are addressable in Ruby on Rails. The video tutorials can be played at free of cost. So, you can check out the tutorials for any further clarifications that rise while you are working with this platform. Referring a video tutorial for resolving the issues would be better than reading the books. And there are many helping communities out there to join hands with you for completing your project on time or well ahead of the deadline.

Quick Development Model

Learning Ruby on Rails does not demand any prior experience at all. If you want to create a website using this platform, all you need to know is how to work on Ruby on Rails. Once you have learned the things well, you can right after start working with this platform. This platform demands just a few things from you. That is, you have to define your project and its conditions all the way through coding and haves. And the framework itself on your behalf will do the rest. This is something really great. The other web developing languages demand 80% work from you, whereas this platform just demands 30% work from you.

Code-based Data Model

As far as Ruby on Rails is concerned, the data model has to be mentioned with the coding. Further, the data model can be manipulated by making some changes to the code. Creating the initial data model is not that tough, that you can do with all ease. It is an excellent and exception platform that lets all the developers including beginners and experienced to work with a full flow. So, working with this platform will never be irritating or annoying.

Open Source Platform

Ruby on Rails being an open source platform is the biggest advantage of anything else. This platform is ready to lend a hand and as well as flourishing. The language itself can cater admirable and highly regarded user experience. Just because of this reason, the new developers will come and fall in love with this wonderful framework. If you are someone that would like to work with a platform that can afford you all the comfort and pleasure of creating web pages or web services or websites, then you indeed have to choose this platform.

It Can Give a Better Shape to Your Project

Ruby on Rails is simple and yet creative. All you have to do is to create simple code than smart code, deal with vertical issues, and communicate well right from the start. If you can do these, you can of course provide a better figure and outline to your project. This is what a developer has been expecting to give to his or her project since years. But through this technology, it will become easy and handy.

Gems Library

You could find a gems library in Ruby on Rails. You can just use that library to get the things done quite easily and comfortably. The gems library is publically addressable, so one can explore and use that with no hesitations.

Next Generation Platform

Many languages and development frameworks have been coming and perishing. Only a few will be remembered and appreciated. Ruby on Rails can be one among that few. I would say that, Ruby on Rails is surely a next generation platform that many developers would like to use it in the coming days. And you will find many developers joining the Ruby on Rails community soon at the earliest.


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