Reasons As To Why Ruby On Rails Is The Best


In the recent years what gripped the developers the most is whether to choose PHP or Ruby on Rails? The balance is heavy on the side of the ruby on rails. It may sound surprising considering some of the pivotal website of PHP like CMS, Drupal, Word press etc. There are so many ways in which ruby on rails is superior to PHP and other. There are top reasons which we shall deal in coming lines as to why is this solution of ruby on rails is superior and also there are website where you can pop up and see from the office site about the rest of details about ruby on rails.

The Framework is Mature

Ruby has a feature which is very distinctive. Additionally, ruby is built on a very solid foundation and it is much easy to get high end products online, the process of getting the high end product quickly and efficiently. Apart from this it also beats PHP in its capacity to support maintainable solutions which are built on solid code.

Mature framework also means that the individual can easily get the hands on fresh open sources which are tremendously powerful. Also, it may surprise you as to how things get far, now this would not mean its all plug and play, there are initial costs also.

PHP Is Not Liked By Developers

When it comes to PHP the web development community has reached the end of its rope.

PHP is one such in which the programmers find it very frustrating now days to use it and the reality is grimmer than what people think. The reality is that people think of using ruby on rails rather than PHP. It’s not like what’s famous now come let’s just use it. Ruby on rails is superior and the developers are making it completely clear by using it and leaving PHP. It is obvious very simple and clear.

PHP Makes It Easy to Write Bad Code

The problem which has very off late recognized is that PHP is very easy to pick up. The rules of the PHP are very lax and individuals can easily get web application and run without much hassle. Now this has become the biggest hassles. The problem starts when there is a need to make any kind of alterations, the changes in the projects and it gets very expensive and also becomes very time consuming.

Ruby on rails on the other hand is very hard and it makes it nearly impossible for individuals to make bad code. It in plain languages means that the chances of making any mistakes or other kind of mess are minimized.

Ruby on Rails Has a Steep Learning Curve

Ruby on rails have a steep learning curve but this is not the case with PHP. PHP is very easy to pick up and it can be done by any one. And this makes it even harder to understand whether we are on a decent web developer or just some plain one. Ruby on rails comes with a steep learning curve in the sense that it needs proper code and standards. The same stuff which you do on PHP you just cannot get away with it or the same in the ruby in rails.Ruby in rails is elegant, clean and extensible, which means it saves a lot of time and capital. And also in the long run or long term it shall save you from many headaches.

PHP Is No Longer Leading the Line

When it came to web projects, about 10 years ago PHP was the language. People were very sure that the start up and the power websites used PHP. But is sad to say that it’s not 2004 any more now. For many innovative technologies now PHP is no more the path. If you as a individual or in group want to be involved with the most innovative and open code and advanced technology then ruby is the best way to go forth with.

It is a plain suggestion to choose ruby over PHP as many of the people have evidenced the market the market shift and the changes which is reflecting the reality and the benefits which ruby shall offer over PHP or rather is offering over PHP. And this trend is going to continue in the coming years.



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