Reasons Why Should We Use AngularJS?


Angular JS is one of the forms of JavaScript language. This language is taken as a component of MEAN. We can use AngularJS and design JS applications for you within a matter of time. Through this AngularJS tool, we can make wonders happen in the software field and we can make handsome and required contribution to our clients’ project. Being a developing team, we take pride in working with AngularJS for gratifying your needs and demands. You might have a question at the back of your mind that why we focus on AngularJS. If that is your question, we can say 10 reasons for that. Here are the reasons explained,

1) AngularJs Supports XAML Developers

We can use AngularJS to meet your demands rather XAML framework. As we all know that. XAML is a popular framework in the Microsoft world and now it is transformed to Angular. If you know about angular and you have used Angular before, you will know that Angular reflects the same set of principles what XAML contains.

XAML is a declarative language and it is created on the basis of XML. It is used to declare the set values and object graphs. Another feature that XAML can support is the data-binding. That is, it allows the authenticated relationship in the middle of the presentation layer and your data to survive. And you do not need to create dependencies at all. We use AngularJS to experience the haves of XAML.

2) AngularJS Throws Away Ceremony and Ritual

This point literally means that, we do not have to go behind any traditional coding at all for defining something in our project. That is, if we would like to design a text property on a model that we want to merge with our UI, we can just type the command or coding. We can create JS applications with all ease and in a quick session. We do not have to use the surviving components or do not have to declare the components again from the beginning; rather we can use what we have and get what we want. We can just pass the command for what we want to get. We do not have to duplicate the code at all.

3) AngularJS Handles Dependencies

This framework is just superb in gratifying your requirements. If you need to load the Javascript, you can use the RequireJS library. Dependency in AngularJS includes two things which are single page applications and testing. The single page application employs active loading to bestow a native application from a web based application. Angular makes it simple to encounter Atlas, SPA and Ajax techniques and tools and further we can use them whenever we need. As far as testing dependency is concerned, Angular lets us separate our modules into logical modules. And then, we can simply test the modules according to its dependencies.

4) AngularJS Lets Developers to Express UI declaratively and Lessens Consequences

Having a declarative and structured UI is a great advantage. By that, we can just declare our UI and markup directly in HTML. And we will get the possibility to keep the presentation logic in one area and imperative logic in another area. Further, we can add the directives and filters to define the intention and purpose of our UI. Yes, we do our work to the point and accurately, so we will never end up receiving side effects at all. Maintenance remains easy as well.

5) Angular Embraces DD…Er Testing

Angular holds or embraces the plan of creating applications using the driven development techniques and Behavior driven development techniques. These techniques can seem helping but it can create issues either sooner or later. In AngularJS, we can create applications using tools like directive and filters. If we define everything rightly and properly, developing an application in Angular can be done quickly.

6) AngularJS Enables Parallel Development

It is needless to say that, a project requires so many things to be done. At times, the developers might end up in having no idea regarding how to take the project further. But as far as Angular is concerned, it will never create any kind of dependency issues or developing issues. Rather, it allows us to do our work without getting clashed on each other. Added to that, angular is simple yet clear and the development can be divided into various sectors by sub-controllers and everyone can do their work without needing to wait for someone to join or leave.

7) AngularJS Enables a Design

It may sound crazy. But what we are trying to define is that, in Angular, we or the developer can incorporate markup without dividing or breaking an application. This will never be possible with HTML or CSS or other markup languages. Breaking an application for adding the markup requires more time than just moving the code in and around the design. The easiness of doing anything is the reason why we use AngularJS.

8) AngularJS Gives Developers Controls

Angular supports “directive” and that lets us create new HTML attributes and elements as per our demands. That is, developers can create what they want rather using what they have. The tools like directives and filters can be used for this purpose. This helps the developers to take the control over the controls.

9) AngularJS Helps Developers Manage State

While developing the web services or web pages or websites, the developers need to understand what is just happening there. That is, they have to handle and as well understand the development process. Angular contain routing techniques and other tools to let the developers handle the function and state.

10) AngularJS Supports Single Page Applications

Single page applications are turning out to be very popular, responsive and flexible. The SPA applications have a very unique place on the market. Angular supports SPA and provides mandatory networks and tools for creating SPA right from routing the loaded pages to linking built-in browsers.

These are the reasons why we say that, web developers should focus on AngularJS and hence we use AngularJS.


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