Why Ruby On Rails Software Is Good For Learning Purpose?



For more than 12 years rails have been there and it is one of the eternities in the technology. The software related items which have survived that long is only ruby and just few more to mention. There are many software’s which are coming up. The software’s have got speed and it tends to change with the passage of time. So, while using any software it’s the best to trust the one which have speed and works comfortably in the web space. Knowing, as we do, that software is changing at the speed of light, especially in the web space, how can something like Rails persevere?

People keep wondering is there any way the rails is still relevant as a web framework. This is the kind of the framework which is object oriented language and it is still worth learning and the most dominating part are the headlines with concurrent this and functional that. This is one of the main reasons why this is going to be postulated today that rails is still very much worth learning and beneficial.

Vision & Mission –

Rails have a vision and mission which definitely mindless lemmings or some kind of tyrannical megalomaniac would not understand. It takes time to learn and understand the things and its scenario. There are people who learn many post-apocalyptic sci-fi thrillers but however, the rails doctrine however is good.

Here’s the reason as to why the rails doctrine is too very good –

  • It offers happiness for programmers who would like to optimize
  • There is always a chance of convention over configuration
  • Omakase is one of the best menu
  • Paradigm is always in exception
  • Beautiful codes are exalted
  • The knives which are always provided are sharp
  • The system is value integrated
  • There is always a chance of progress over stability
  • There is also chances for pushing up big tent


It’s an obvious thing there is no need for mentioning that please go and make a website. These are the stuffs which are not to be said but it’s to be understood. It contains many words like “happiness”, “beautiful”, “progress”, “value”. Now, these are to be understood. Please think about it for the second time.

These are pure and worthy reasons for just any job which can be built anywhere. For the direction of the framework the tone is set and the community is also close by around to help out the novice. It is completely agreed that there can be chances when you shall not completely agree with the terms and conditions, but there is a reason to be glad that at least you know what it is.

Take for example the thought which went into consideration and the framework that helps in putting the thoughts into principles which drives mature and intelligent minds and these principles and being aware of the fact what drives rail is very amazing. It also makes many people happy to use it and brings forth immediate success.

It is a very well known truth which people know that rails software allows developers to fly out of the gates. If you want a proof of the concept and want to search hassle free for it, then trust me you should end your search and will not find anything better than rails for the job. Rails have been the top most choice for generations.

The concept of rails is not only for the start ups but also for the old, and its obvious when you are trying to learn something new in the world of technology, it takes time for anyone to pass beyond the stage of ‘green horn’ status to use it. I know it can be very hard at times when you are in the stage of your careers and have other liabilities. If you are novice to the concept of web development, then then only thing which can give you success is the rails, which is very early. There is no need for the beginners to learn the whole programming language and there are so many people who switch to rails through ruby that people often get confused. You should learn rails because the progress is instant in rail and you will also keep learning flexibly.

Absorb the Path of the Web –

One of the most chanted mantra about rails is the convention over configuration; rails have adopted ways of doing things which presumes configuration. Illustrations: when using rails the individual need not pick any database, rails shall use SQLite by convention. If you do not configure still the rails shall configure the database. It’s easy; it shows you how the web works and also grants you success quickly.

The circumstance is very simple. There are many websites which needs to storing the data but rails have a convention for that. There are many web apps or applications which use session based authentication, but rails or with rails the situation is different. It’s just simple, once you learn the conventions; you will require a list of web applications.

Some of the illustrations are as follows –

  • Restful endpoints
  • Asset compression and building
  • Database migrations
  • Package and dependency management
  • Testing

There are more to this list but once you get the idea you can take list and configure out the other approaches. You will have to take deeper dives and these dives into the world of web will surely teach you something about the web application and development and deployment. You can still use the conventions while in the learning process and also at the same time while being in the learning session produce a web application which is solid.

Stand on the Mountain –

Rails were built by some of the big web developers and it started life as the agenda used to build base. And today that base is very successful with highest traffic which means that whatever problems that were faced initially like creating a data-driven, high-traffic site were solved for base. And later benefits were reaped.



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