Ruby On Rails Success Story


It’s an obvious thing when we think of the technological industries and the victories and failures of the companies, it’s obvious some thought does strikes us which brings into mind both the kind of stories, like successful one and also the crashes which have come. Some such are as follows –

  • Apple’s reemergence as a dominant force in consumer technology
  • There have been other plenty of success stories in the harsh economic environments
  • The Great Depression
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • com

Are few of the one’s to name, the list goes on. The one’s which were no less spectacular are the low lights of the past decade; it includes the following like MySpace, Research in Motion, Gateway etc. There were also doomed products like HD-DVD, HP’s Web OS tablet, and Microsoft’s Zune. These are the unforgettable ones.

Unless you are an application developer, the ruby on rails cannot be a household name. The web application frame work which is one of the oldest one can certainly take place besides Google and amazon as one of the oldest and decade’s top success stories in the technological industries. The web application has been from cool little tool to mainstream mega hit for many people.

The official release of version 1 to the open source community back in 2005, only there were few who could have guessed the popularity of David Hansson’s creations. Required by established enterprises platforms like Java, he was inspired to help the free programmers of repetitive coding and it would soon explode. And that is exactly what happened.

In the year 2007, apple began to wad Ruby on Rails with their Mac OS X operating system. And in overnight ruby on rails was introduced to many audiences. Since then in the year 2007 ruby on rails community has grown by leaps and bounds. There have been many new versions which have been introduced and its current version 3.2. has been released in the year 2012. Off late applications developed on ruby on rails can be found at various firms like Amazon, Google, Groupon as well as national and state government agencies.

What Dev.’s Love about Rails –

Lack of language is always a barrier. Whether it’s a high school English or whether Spanish or COBOL, learning a new language is a task which few look forward to and it becomes a tedious task. But ruby has been described as elegant, powerful clear and logical. There are many rail devotees who still glorify the simple and powerful structure which the ruby presents.

There is a rapid development in the system of the rails. The rails have powerful productivity features like rapid feedback during coding. Invariably compared to the incremental.Plodding method of coding and compiling in java.Rail feature and developers share a widespread conviction. They can also create apps more effectively with other frameworks. This in turn becomes a cost effective time frame and IT people just like that so much.

Convention over configuration is what most of the people suggests about rails. The rails convention over configuration mantra and developer reflects straightforwardness and sophistication that underlines both ruby the language and rails the platform.

It is very simple and easy, the programmer only needs to create code for the unconventional aspects and application.

The Future of Ruby on Rails –

  • The era of open source may be coming to ends, which have been the observations of the few industries. It points towards the recent trend proprietary system in mobile computing.
  • Apple’s dominance, Win8 coming soon
  • No matter how cruel few market players become or how hard they try for the industrialized to be pushed, but still there will always be demand for the tools which is 100% customized.
  • Many customers still at the end of the day want the flexibility which ruby on rails is offering.
  • And the more it comes to cost effective approach the better it will be.

Extraordinary Facts of Ruby on Rails

The ruby on rails is such an easiest framework to learn. One can learn this framework without any prior knowledge. The ruby programming language is well known for its accurate and orderly syntax. The syntax would not demand any additional punctuation at all. While comparing to Java, ruby requires only less code for creating data fields, structures and syntax. Added to that, ruby is an efficient, simplified and updated language to work on.

Ruby on rails comes with a vast number of plugins and development tools. With the assistance of the ready-to-use plugins and tools, you can reduce many manual problems like defining behavior, code repetition and creating shortcuts. All these things can be done by the plugins and tools and you just have to insert it that is it. This will effectively cut down the making time. While comparing to other web development frameworks, ruby on rails is 40% quick in regards to web application development.

The clever abstraction such as metaprogramming can be easily used in Ruby. The noteworthy advantage of ruby is RubyGems. It is a package manager that allows uploading and developing software libraries. It is a well-established and grown-up framework. One can create the web applications in no time for the clients with high precision as well. The best part is that, the codes are maintainable. The big companies would like to introduce this super-fast and comfortable framework to their ambiance in the coming days.

It is not necessary to say that, all such developers would like to work with a reliable and active framework. Ruby on rails is exactly a one like that. With the assistance of the framework, one can create the codes in a quick time. By this, you can submit the end products to your clients within the stipulated time without keeping them waiting for a long time.

The website that has to be designed with more contents and images can be designed using the ruby on rails framework. One can easily upload, manage or validate the information or images on the website using the stupendous assistance of ruby on rails. Creating ecommerce and CRM kind of websites would be very simple with this framework.

Even if you are new to this framework, you do not need a long-term training or hands-on experience at all to work on this framework. The best part is that, the new designers can get in touch with the ruby on rails support desk that will be active round the clock.





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