What You Should Know About Ruby on Rails?

There are different languages and frameworks to develop a website and web pages and one of the best web application frameworks is ruby on rails. It is the simplest and easiest framework. The ruby is the general purpose programming language just like C language, Java and more. Rails is a model-view-controller framework that provides default structure for a web service, a database and web pages. Using the ruby on rails framework, one can easily develop web applications, web pages and a website.

Why Ruby on Rails is Very Popular?

The ruby programming language is well known for its accurate and orderly syntax. The syntax will not demand any additional punctuation at all for creating data fields. Ruby requires less complex code structures and syntax as compared to Java. Added to that, ruby is an efficient, simplified and updated language to work on. The elevated and clever abstraction such as meta programming can be easily used in Ruby. Meta programming is used to create domain-specific language. The noteworthy advantage of ruby is Ruby Gems. It is a package manager that allows uploading and developing software libraries.

In simple words, rails is a software library that can lengthen ruby web application framework. It is well-known for its smart and enveloping conventions. For the development of web application, we need to reckon a lot of things such as getting access to a database, developing HTML, processing forms uploading and much more. In such cases, a web application development language or framework is very crucial. If there is no framework, then a programmer has to do a vast number of tasks to adapt all the mandatory structures to the website. It would be a time-consuming process.

Because of its time-saving process and simplified coding structure, ruby on rails is very popular and still on the lift. The best ruby on rails book will assist you to learn the basic concepts and structures of ruby on rails. You can learn ruby API, create web pages using ruby on rail, how to implement ruby on rails and much more by the book. There are many books addressable on the market to know something about this web application framework. Among that, you have to find out the best book that makes some sense to your learning.

Ruby on Rails or PHP – Which one is good

The comparison is a healthy one to do. Since a comparison will highlight various things and make us understand the things better. Now, we are going to compare PHP with Ruby on rails to decide which one is a better platform. I know that, both are extremely different platforms, but the point is that, both the frameworks are used for web development. So, it is nothing wrong in comparing the two platforms.

Before going to the comparison, we will discuss what PHP is. It is an open source scripting language used to create websites and the PHP codes can be implanted into HTML.

Ruby on Rails Vs PHP

The Ease of Framework

The PHP coding is rather simple and can be done within a few minutes. Even non-coders can comfortably work on this scripting platform. This is the best part of PHP language. But the point is that, the codes will be slack and unmanageable on many occasions. Finding people that know this platform is very easy as the scripting language is easy to learn. Nevertheless, a lot of processes have to be done for developing a website. PHP has several platforms and you have to spend some time and find the one which suits your application best.

Coming to ruby on rails, it is a well-established and grown-up framework. One can create the web applications in no time with high precision. The best part is that, the codes are maintainable. The big companies would like to introduce this super-fast and comfortable framework to their ambiance.

Automated tasks

As far as PHP is concerned, it is solely designed for creating web applications and web pages. It has many built-in and default functions to resolve and rectify the problems that are linked with the web applications. In addition to this, PHP has a ton of resources, libraries, frameworks and applications for the effective web development. Establishing PHP is simple like nothing. You can create scripts easily by simply using many resources like CodeIgnitor, LAMP and much more. Yes, all those above-explained information sounds good and useful. But the point is that, they are not automated, rather you have to do it yourself by spending hours and hours.

On the other hand, ruby on rails has many computerized tasks and hence lets you concentrate on rectifying your business problems rather pulling your hairs out on working with this platform. It has some factors that will really make us go mad behind this framework, those are as follows,

  • Integrated Testing tools – Once the codes are done, you can test them using the testing framework. You could not find this facility in PHP.


  • Generators – These are responsible for catering the beginning mark for your web application development. Only some PHP framework provides generators now.


  • Active Record ORM – As compared to PHP’s ORM, the ORM that ruby on rails has is something very accurate and clear-cut to employ. It is one of the best ORMs to reckon.


  • Plugins – RubyGems are stack of plugins that you can include to your web application file and install. You can speed up the maintenance and development time ince you are not going to try adding the dissimilar libraries to your project. You have the ready-made plugins and you are just going to add it to your assignment.

It is needless to say that, among the comparison between PHP vs ruby on rails, it is ruby on rails that wins the comparison. It is superior when compared to PHP. The developers that would love to design web pages very quickly will choose the ruby on rails platform with no doubts.

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