Why startups prefer Ruby on Rails?

Before getting onto why startups prefer Rails let us know what all a startup needs to fight against well-established and well-experienced companies?

Every one of us knows how demands depend upon needs so let us first discuss “what” than “why”.

  • Time consumption: For any business the best combination is of time and speed. High speed means less time which gives better exposure, faster execution and ultimately faster results. For any business especially startups, time required should always be kept in mind. But, speed should not cost quality that’s why our next necessity is “Quality”.
  • Good quality work: Mistakes are inversely proportional to quality, just like time and speed. For the good quality you need to have error-free coding (for the web startups). If you will make many coding errors, you will not be able to achieve what you wanted. No company would like to keep quality at stake especially a startup. Beginning is the most crucial time when you can’t even think of making a single error. This could cost loss of goodwill.
  • Agility: If coding is easy then one can move quickly and that too in a much précised way. That’s why a startup needs to be agile. If you and your team are able to set things less complex then working on it would become easy and smooth. When team will be comfortable in doing so then they can deliver better than what they would have with complex coding. Being agile is important for startups because they have to fight against experience and quality of already established companies. In present era of web and internet, only speed and accuracy can make you better than others.
  • Passion to learn new: Startups should always keep in mind whosoever they hire should have a passion towards learning new. There are many passive developers who are happy with their old ways and versions of coding. Version updates bring new features that ultimately help developers only. If you stay updated you could code and decode faster and better.
  • Hunger of dynamic platforms: Dynamic platform can add a lot in the style and speed of working. Apart from being dynamic platforms chosen should be open source. This helps in better inheritance of understanding of coding with constant platform improvement. This is the reason why web startups always go with dynamic (if possible then open source too) platforms.
  • Security: Not only web startups but also the well-established web companies want their work to be secure. This calls for the need of a platform which is sufficient in holding its user’s codes safely. Not only easy working but also safe working is important.

These were some of the demands startups generally have for making a deeper name. These were the demands, and now let us see why Ruby on Rails and not any other platform? For this let us move according “what” points one by one.

Below stated benefits are not spoken by only me but by maximum Ruby on Rails users, I am just stating them in my words.

Comparison of startup’s demands and features of Ruby on Rails.

  • Every developer who has worked on Ruby on Rails has acknowledged its speed. There are various reasons that lead to its speed which I’ll cover later. But, for now we can say Ruby on Rails stands on “time consumption” demand of startups.
  • ‘Rails’ is a very easy platform for coding. The best part of working on Ruby on Rails is that it reduces the surface area by deleting the unused codes. This reduces coding complexity which helps in delivering quality work. With the complexity, time consumption also reduces i.e. a reason of faster working. This covers both second and third points of demands i.e. good quality work and agility.
  • There are not many platforms that offer upgrades frequently but Ruby on Rails provides all to you. Ruby on Rails gets frequent upgrades in order to deliver new and better features with time. This gives better environment to all the developers who have a hunger of working on something better every time. Ruby on Rails is best for beginners as it saves them from complex and unnecessary coding and decoding. This also fulfils the craving for learning new again and again on the same platform.
  • Ruby on Rails is a dynamic open source platform which is a need of every other company. Open source language makes the inheritance easy i.e. even if the months roll by, you will not face issues in understanding the coding. This feature ensures, any developer can work on any coding of any other developer without many issues and within time.
  • Now security. Ruby on Rails gets better and better upgrades which ensures higher and higher security. Even startups have security concerns and this is easily handled by Ruby on Rails’s team. This covers the last point of the basic demands of startups.

Every developer gets different experience of working on Rails which is written in Ruby. Apart from above stated points there have been many more positive reviews “Rails” has got which are:

  • Readable and Elegant
  • Flexible as developer can mould it as per his needs
  • Cost effective: Ruby on Rails is free
  • Supports huge content storage and management.

Ruby on Rails not only help developers on technical basis, it also help them in getting jobs.
Ruby on Rails gives better working experience to every web developer and helps startups in hiring. Working on Rails means you are interested in skills development and this is what a web startup looks before hiring developers. Whether it is for hiring perspective or working one, Ruby on Rails has and maybe will always be a better platform for all. ‘Rails’ is suited for rapid development if seen from technical and business perspective. So, if you are a developer and haven’t worked on Rails then try doing it now. It won’t cost you anything as Ruby on Rails costs zero. So don’t worry and start exploring something new and something better.


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