Why to upgrade Ruby on Rails and how to make upgrade easier?


What we demand from web developing framwork and what we actually get are two different things which define the quality of the software. There are mainly 3 reasons which makes us shift to either new apps or upgraded version which are:
– A better support for old codes
– To get new and better features
– To reduce working time.

Generally, web developing framework offers few and late upgrades because of which it becomes hard to move at a good pace but Ruby on Rails keeps it simple in terms of both working and upgrades.

Ruby on Rails is a gem when it comes to upgrades. Rails get updates frequently in order to keep its users updated with the new features and skills.

How an upgraded version is better than older version?
  – Offers better security: Upgraded Rails versions offer better web security which helps your site stay online. Rails is a better software for developers not only because of easiness in coding but also because of the security it ensures. On Rails security situations get handled rapidly which ultimately increases its quality and reliability.
– Improved speed: Speed is amongst important features that lead to improved performances. Ruby on Rails keeps on updating newer version of Rails in order to stay as well as keep you checked. These updates are provided after every short interval and it is all because of its increasing users.
– Ruby and Rails updates: In order to make Rails supportable Ruby also get updates. You cannot run every version of Rails on any version of Ruby. So, for their proper hand in hand working both Ruby and Rails get updates. This gives better working environment in terms of speed, features and also time.
– Ease in upgrade: Ruby on Rails get updates frequently in order to ensure better working environment to the developers. This helps in staying touch with latest features.

Note: If you are able to upgrade the present version as soon as it hits the market you will be in profit because at that moment web is full of Ruby on Rails upgrade posts so upgrade process will be easier. As the months roll by it may become difficult to find guidelines for the upgrade of the version you are using.

What can help in reducing overall upgrade time?
– Try to have good test coverage if you want to reduce upgrade time and make it easier.
– Reduce the surface area by deleting unused codes. Unnecessary codes simply increase complexity and process time and cutting undesirable codes will reduce the size and hence upgrade will become easier.
– The more you keep your Ruby on Rails up to date the lesser time it will take in the next upgrade.

Note: Before your version becomes too old which will take huge time to get upgraded in future update it. It is because the older version you use the longer it will take to upgrade it.

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